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              Color aluminum falling system introduction:

              The gutter shape of the color aluminum falling system adopts the k-shaped hyperbola and the D-shaped semicircle design which are more popular in North America and Western Europe, and the downpipe adopts the corrugated rectangle and circular design; At the same time, the texture of metal brings a new visual expression to the building facade -- elegant and fashionable, simple and generous, green and environmental protection, in line with the rough and simple architectural style of Europe and America.

              Advantages of color aluminum falling system:

              1, super weather resistance: metal aluminum surface will form a layer of oxide film that the naked eye can not hold, so that aluminum is no longer oxidized, this self-protection makes aluminum has high corrosion resistance. At the same time, the surface of aluminum alloy substrate is covered with color polyester coating, so it can be resistant to cold and high temperature; In acid rain, salt erosion and other harsh and changeable climate, color is still stable, as new

              2, color aluminum falling system is made of aluminum alloy, the proportion of aluminum metal is 2.7, the force object is relatively light, which greatly increases the safety of the force. Due to the low proportion of aluminum magnesium alloy, coupled with the metal hook, the color aluminum gutter is safe and reliable, easy to learn and convenient to install. Can be recycled, in line with the national green building requirements.

              3, diverse styles, colorful - have different series, can satisfy the pursuit of the public, for designers and developers to provide a variety of color products, and construction of roof, waist line and wall color is tie-in, metallic simple sense bring strong expressive force for the building, the choice of different colour, provide the designer with vast space for imagination, perfect match with the building itself.

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